You’ve had a PIRB-registered plumber pinpoint the location of your water leak, now to repair it. In most cases, repairing broken pipes results in breaking down walls, concrete and tiles. There’s rubble, dust and dirt everywhere. To retile and replaster is costly, not to mention still having to pay the invoice for plumbing services. 


What is the solution? PlumVac is excited to announce their ‘no dig’ method to reline pipes. Pipe relining offers quick and durable pipe and drain rehabilitation, and a mess-free alternative to traditional “hammer and chop” pipe system replacement.


How does pipe relining work?


Pipe relining repairs pipes and drains from the inside using a resin that once inserted into the pipe spreads, hardens and seals over the damaged area. 


When faced with a leaking pipe or damaged drain, use only a quality pipe relining brand like Pipe Doctor to ensure quality and longevity of the repair. 


Benefits of pipe relining


There are numerous benefits to choosing pipe relining services above the traditional ‘hammer and chop’ method. Not only will you be saving yourself the headache of replacing expensive tiles (and ensuring they match), cementing over damaged areas or filling gaping holes in your garden, you’ll be saving plenty of money in the long run too. 


No inconvenience and disruption to your life, deafening hammering and banging, and no clean-up afterwards! 


For pipe relining in Cape Town and surrounds please contact PlumVac on 072 292 1280


Always ensure to hire a PIRB-registered Cape Town plumbing company for the reasons stated here.